The Platinum 100 system has been designed to achieve substantial savings in labor and life-cycle costs, to facilitate a concrete finish of fair-face quality and to enable easier and safer handling. It is the answer to the changing requirements construction companies are facing today. Characteristics of modern architecture include complex building geometries, rising standard story heights, higher concrete pressures when pouring and high-quality concrete surfaces with few joints and a uniform tie pattern. To respond to these demands and work efficiently, the contractor needs a high-grade, durable formwork system that is variable, quick and safe in its daily use.

The system is based on a 14 cm thick steel frame. Inserted into it is a durable solid plastic form lining. The large panels are available in sizes of 240 x 360 and 240 x 300 cm. Owing to their special panel geometry and the tying method, only two tying positions are usually required up to a pouring height of 3.6 m instead of the usual three tying positions of traditional systems. This facilitates savings in wages and the cost of materials of up to 30 percent for installing the tying points.

One-sided tie operation by a single user also saves time and money. The newly developed connector also helps to save time and money. The Platinum P 100 wedge aligning lock is firmly secured on the formwork element and is always automatically positioned where it is needed.

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