LOGIK 360 | Circular Formwork System

When it comes to circular formwork, LOGIK® 360 is in its element. It enables you to quickly and easily construct tanks, silos or most of any other circular structures.
The standard LOGIK 360 panels can be used for circular walls down to a 14 ft minimum radius. Further panels are available to form smaller radii down to 8 ft.


LOGIK 360 has very few components, cutting the chances of site losses to an absolute minimum. All that is required is an outer panel, an inner panel, ‘Aligning, Leveling and Locking’ (ALL) clamps and ties and washers

Maximizing its versatility, LOGIK 360 uses the same components as the rest of the LOGIK range, making transitions from straight walls to circular walls simple and easy.

LOGIK 360 at a glance

  • Circular formwork system
  • Fast and simple setting procedure 
  • Fully assembled panels 
  • Lightweight slim profile compatible with LOGIK to form straight and circular walls together 
  • Fewer components to be lost on site

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