Pro-Shore and Pro-Deck Systems

The Pro-Shore Shoring System consists of special drop-head post shores, aluminum ledgers “mains,” and laminated wood joists “secondaries.” This system was designed in conjunction with shoring contractors to significantly improve labor productivity, reduce material costs, and provide versatility not found in other shoring systems.

The Pro-Deck Shoring System uses the same posts and ledgers, but is based on 6' x 8' bays formed with aluminum panels that span the 6-foot dimension between ledgers. Each 6' x 8' bay requires two 3' x 6' panels and one 2' x 6' panel. The panels are lightweight, with the 3' x 6' panel weighing only 48 lbs. They are surfaced with high grade birch plywood covered with a 400 gram phenolic resin for a smooth concrete surface and easy form release.


  • Only 3 main components: post shores, aluminum ledgers, and joists.
  • Easy to handle and quick to set up. Experience shows that crews of as few as three can erect up to 6,000 sq. ft. or more in a day.
  • Drop-heads permit easy stripping of horizontal members so they can be cycled to the next pour. Shores are reset in place as reshores, while 75% of the total system moves to the next pour.
  • Imperial dimensions - no metric parts.
  • 8'-0" x 6'-0" post grid (48 sq. ft.) requires 25% vewer posts than typical metric post grid systems, and can support a 12-inch-thick slab, saving erection time and labor, while opening up the workspace below.
  • Versatile. The system can handle cantilevers, drop beams, column capitals, and other common forming requirements, including ramps at grades of up to 17%.
  • All posts have attached Jet-Loks so standard steel cross braces can be used to produce a fully braced tower with no tripods or wood bracing.

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